Sunday, August 12, 2007

July 2, 2007 Dushanbe

TDI Project Manager Sharlyn Sawyer and the organization’s intrepid administrator, Jahongir Munzim arranged an evening event in collaboration with the Gurminj Museum in Dushanbe. The event served as an introduction for TDI to the cultural community of Dushanbe and a kick off for the summer fieldwork session of the 2007 Humanities Link Project. Among the guests were Mr. Jumaboy Shohmuradov, regional director for project partner The Christensen Fund, Mr. John Larsen the Minister of Cultural Affairs from the American Embassy, Mr. Safar Khakdodov Director of long term collaborator DomKino Films, our current English teacher Mr. John Hickey, and TDI 2007 Humanities Link team members. An arrangement was made for a showing of the student film projects from the 06-07 seminar period, and to talk a little about project plans for the coming year.